Frequently Asked Questions about the Automated Collection Program

Q: What is Automated Collection?
A: Automated Collection is a system where garbage and recycling are emptied using a mechanical arm on a truck, instead of workers lifting and emptying cans and bags by hand.

  • It’s easier for residents – the carts are easy to wheel and there’s no more bagging.
  • It’s safer for the hauler – with reduced workplace injuries and shorter collection times.
  • It’s cleaner because the carts lids stay firmly closed, reducing litter.

Q: How does Automated Collection work?
A: Each residence will be supplied with 2 easy-to-use wheeled carts: one for garbage and one for recycling. For garbage, simply place bagged garbage into the cart and roll it to the curb or the edge of the road on your regular collection day. For recycling, simply place your recyclables directly into the cart and set out every other week on your regular recycling day.

Q. When does Automated Collection begin?
A. Automated collection of garbage and recyclables is scheduled to begin the week of June 6, 2016. Although the carts will be delivered to your home in late May, you will NOT be able to start using them until the week of June 6, 2016.

Q: How large will the new cart be?
A: Beloit residents will receive 2 black 96 gallon carts. The garbage cart will have a black lid and the recycling cart will have a gray lid.

Q: Will the new cart take up more space?
A: The space used by the carts is not very different than those of the blue recycle bin and 2 trash cans. The major difference is the height of the cart versus your current containers.

Q: How often can I set out my carts?
A: The Trash Cart (black lid) will be collected on a weekly basis. The Recycling Cart (gray lid) will be collected every other week.

Q. Do I need to use the carts?
A: Yes. Garbage and recycling that is not placed in the containers will not be picked up.

Q: Where should I place my carts on my collection day for pick up?
A: You may place one cart on each side of the driveway, or you may place them next to each other, but they must be 3 feet apart. They may be placed on the terrace or the curb, but be sure to place carts no more than 3 feet from the curb or road edge. The open side of the lid must face the street, with the hinged side facing your residence.

Q: Can I have more than one trash cart?
A: Yes. City of Beloit residents can request an additional cart at an additional monthly cost that will reflect on your monthly sewer bill.

Q: What do I do with my extra trash or recycling?
A: Keep your items for the following week or bring the items to the City of Beloit Recycling Center, 2351 Springbrook Ct, Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm. Residents may take their trash to the Janesville Landfill, 545 Blackbridge Rd., Janesville, WI 53545.

Q: I already have a rolling cart at home, can I use that one?
A: No. Only those carts provided by the City of Beloit will work with the automated system to lift the carts. Carts other than those provided by the City of Beloit will NOT be collected once automated collection has begun.

Q. What do I do with my old garbage cans when the program starts?
A. Your existing cans can be used for other home projects or extra storage. However, if you have no other use for them they can be placed in your recycle cart or brought to the City of Beloit Recycling Center, 2351 Springbrook Ct, Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm.

Q: Will my scheduled collection day change?
A: It may change. Garbage will continue to be picked up every week, but recycling will only be picked up every other week. You will be provided information with your carts including a map with the collection routes.

Q: If I move, do I take the cart with me?
A: No. The cart is the property of the City of Beloit and must remain at the property/address to which they are assigned. It is the responsibility of the new home owner to check and make sure both carts are on the premises prior to occupancy. Landlords are responsible for ensuring carts are available for renters or occupants for each dwelling unit. If you move, please leave the cart. Do not write house numbers or put any other markings on the city carts.

Q. What if my cart is lost, stolen or damaged?
A: Contact the Department of Public Works, Operation Facility at (608) 364-2929.

Q: I have a long driveway. How will I get my carts to the curb each week?
A: The new carts are extremely easy to wheel to and from the curb. Carts must be stored on the resident’s property and cannot be left curbside for more than 24 hours.

Q: What if I have a bulky or appliance for disposal?
A: Any bulky or appliance will need to be pre-paid and pre-scheduled for pick up by appointment. Call the City of Beloit Department of Public Works, Operations Facility for more information (608) 364-2929.

Q: I plan on moving and I have an excess of items to dispose of, what can I do?
A: Call the City of Beloit Department of Public Works, Operations Facility at (608) 364-2929 for more information on a dumpster rental.

Q: Won’t the new carts be more difficult in snow and ice?
A: No. It should be no more difficult if not easier to maneuver than traditional trash and recycling containers.

Q: What can I recycle?
A: The City of Beloit residents can place into their recycling cart (gray lid)

  • Plastics that are labeled for recycling #1 – #7
  • Glass – jars, containers
  • Metal – aluminum cans & trays, tin cans, steel cans, bimetal cans, foil wrappers
  • Paper – newspapers, inserts, magazines, catalogs, phone books, paper bags, holiday cards, junk mail, gift wrap, cereal boxes, egg cartons.

Q: What should I do with old paint?
A: Latex paint can be dried out by adding oil dry or kitty litter. Once paint has solidified it can be placed in your trash cart. Oil based paint can be taken to one of the Household Hazardous Clean Sweep locations. Please call Rock County Land Conversation for the nearest collection location and date at (608) 754-6617.

Q: Can cardboard be recycled with the newspapers?
A: Yes, cardboard must be flattened to fit into your 96 gallon cart.

Q: Who will maintain my cart?
A: Department of Public Works will be responsible for repairs including, but not limited to wheels, axels, lids, hinge pins, and replacement of carts damaged by city plows. Residents are responsible for regular periodic cleaning and disinfecting the carts, properly storing the carts each week and during extended absences.

Winter Storm Automated Collection Tips:

  • When snow is predicted to fall during the overnight hours please wait until early morning to put out your trash and recycling carts so that plow trucks can efficiently clean snow during the overnight hours.
  • Please have your carts out by 6:00 am and be sure to properly space them 3 feet apart and 4 feet from other obstacles such
    as snow banks, cars, poles and mailboxes.
  • Please bring empty carts in as soon as possible to allow plow trucks to complete access to roadways.

Automated Collection Tips:

  • All trash and recyclables must be in the City of Beloit provided carts for pick up.
  • Place carts no more than 3 feet from the curb or road edge.
  • Trash and Recycling carts are the property of the City of Beloit and no markings are permitted on the cart.
  • Place carts with lid facing the street.
  • Cart lids must be closed with no material sticking out.
  • No material may be placed on top of the cart lid.
  • Changes or delays in your trash/recycling pick-up are posted on the City of Beloit webpage.

For more information please visit the City of Beloit Website Solid Waste website: or call the City
of Beloit Department of Public Works Operations Facility at (608) 364-2929 ext. 7003